Our last day on the island! Today we started off with a pancake breakfast at the house, and noticed our neighbors had arrived. We took it easy this morning as we were in no hurry. Once we got hungry, we headed to the Shack for lunch. It’s a waterfront bar and grill, that has its own boat were you can catch your own lunch! We didn’t go on the “shack attack”, instead sat next to the water, and ate lunch. Brittany had fried shrimp, and I had a Hawaii style (teriyaki and grilled pineapple) chicken sandwich. It was a bit messy, but the pineapple made it nice and sweet.

We then started our days adventure, hiking. The first place we went to called koko crater was a straight hike up a very steep hill, on a rundown unmaintained mine cart track. You had to walk up it, directly in the sun and without hand rails. We got some pictures from the base of the trail, but decided against attempting it. We were in flip-flops, and weren’t prepared. We ran by the house to get better prepared then headed to kuliouou trail.

On our way we stopped at Hanauma bay, and got some good scenic photos. It’s known for its snorkeling and swimming, but we were just there to take a few pictures.

We then headed to Kuliouou trail. It’s a hunting and hiking trail, with treacherous paths, and deep in the woods. It was the most difficult trail Brittany and I have been on, but didn’t have any issues, except for the heat and humidity. After a good hike, we were tired and headed back home.

Once we were home, we met our neighbors. They were a large Mexican family from California. They were relaxing at the beach, and after some time decided to join them. I went snorkeling on our beach, and was able to see some coral reefs, and about 4 types of fish! It was exciting swimming with the fish, but the strong current and shallow water made it difficult.

That night we headed to Buzz’s lanikai for dinner. This place was a great local steak and seafood restaurant, not far from the beach. Brittany had a local hawaiian ribeye, and I had surf and turf – a serloin steak, and crab legs. After dinner we took a quick stroll on the beach before heading back home. When we got home, we had a new visitor – a chicken! We had seen several wild chickens during our driving, but now one was relaxing on our porch. Brittany gave it some bread, and made a new friend.