Today started early and a bit damp. We planned a jungle tour in Kaneohe, a 90 minute 4×4 drive through the Windward jungle. The day was much more rainy than we, or anyone, had expected, but luckily we were prepared with our ponchos, ready to explore. We learned so much about the culture and the history of the area, along with some beautiful views.

The tour ended around lunch time, so of course we had one thing on our mind. Pizza. The best choice, Kaneohe’s Boston Pizza. We both got more pizza than we had bargained for, but was nonetheless delicious.

After pizza, we were both pretty exhausted, having woken up so early for the tour, so we headed back to the beach house to relax. The rain was still iffy, and the dark clouds loomed around as we hung out with that little crabs on our private beach for a bit. As soon as Brittany saw the super dark clouds over the house, we ran inside. Down it came. Hard. We enjoyed the view from our porch and waited for it to pass. Unfortunately, during this time, the power was knocked out! We knew it wouldn’t be long, but of course we were low on booze and Nathan couldn’t get the car out to run to the store. So we waited it out.

Nathan attempted to get the grill going for some burgers, but the charcoal had gotten damp and was not lighting for anything! That was frustrating. Once it cleared up, we headed back to the beach, of course. And just a few hours later we had power again, so Brittany made the delicious burgers, from the VJ’s ground beef, on the stove. This was about all we could muster for the day, so we both had an early night.