Today we made a quick eggs and bacon breakfast at home, then headed back to the small town in north shore called Haleiwa. Once we got there, we stopped at Kua ania burger. Brittany had heard about it before we got here, so it was on our to-do list. Brittany scarfed down a 1/2 pound burger in no time. We got a shirt there, and the cashier somehow knew it was our honeymoon, and gave us a discount on the shirt! They were very nice and friendly. Then we walked around the small town, checking out the gift shops and stores. One place was selling ice cold coconut water, and it was delicious. The merchant cut open the top, gave me the fresh slice of coconut, and popped a straw in it. The water inside tasted sweet, and generally better than I expected.

We then headed to the Dole plantation. There, we took a mini train ride around the fields, learning about the history of Dole and the pineapple industry. They also have the 2008 world’s largest hedge maze! They gave us each a card that you use to checkin at 8 different hidden checkpoints. It took us 55 minutes, but were were able to find all 8, even though we got lost 2 or 3 times, and accidentally endding up at checkpoints we already had visited.

We then headed back to the house, were Brittany cooked a delicious Chicken and Asparagus dinner. We headed to bed a little early, as we were exhausted from the walk, and needed to wakeup early for our morning Jungle tour!