Today we set out to see the entire coast line. We started by heading south, making several stops within the first few miles. We couldn’t get over how beautiful the all scenery was. From the highest point on the mountains to the beautiful blue ocean, we had to see it all!

We quickly worked up a hunger, so we began the hunt for some grub. This took us to Uncle’s Seafood on the Berth 33. This was a great spot, but a bit over priced. We took some photos and were on our way. Leaving lunch, we decided this would be the best time to check out Pearl Harbor. This was quick, we didn’t want to deal with the crowd, so off we went.

We continued on our drive around the island, heading north on the west coast up toward Ka’ena State Park. This just more and more unbelievable as we got closer. Found some great beaches and awesome views. We had hoped to be able to make a complete circle around the island, but it turns out the park ends at a dirt road, we worried the Hyundai wouldn’t make it. So we turned around.

Next stop, the butcher. So we headed back north and discovered a cute town we marked to explore another day. I found a great place for us to pick up a delicious ribeye, chicken and ground beef, called VJs Butcher Shop. Right around the corner, was fun food truck stop, one of which was serving Hawaiian Sno Cones, that I couldn’t pass up. These are not the same as the sno cones I know so well, but it was fun to try!

We then headed back to the house, taking the long way so to not miss a bit of the coast line view. Our day ended with a delicious grilled ribeye and some relaxing at the beach house.