It’s cruise day!

It was a long day of leaving our beloved beach house, dropping off the car and getting back to the airport to meet our shuttle to the port. This could have gone a bit more smoothly, but since we didn’t just fly in, we had to work around that. We got to the port and were a part of the first few groups allowed on the ship.

Once on the boat, we couldn’t yet get into our cabin so we were given lunch and access to most public spots on the boat. We explored all we could find, getting an idea of where all the activities would eventually be held. By 2:00 our cabin was ready to check out, unpack and relax. Then on to more exploring. We decided to have an early dinner at the Skyline Restaurant, for slow roasted beef and a lamb shank, delicious.

After dinner we headed up to the pool deck, for the sail away party. There was great music and drinks to get the whole boat ready for the voyage. To our surprise, “Pretty Woman” (the same song Brittany walked down the aisle to) was the song playing as the boat started to move! We ended the night with a bash!