This morning we woke up, and were docked on the Big Island! As Brittany was getting ready, I was talking in the views from our staterooms balcony, and accidentally dropped my sunglasses into the ocean! I was bummed, but surprised at how long I could see them sinking – the water was really clear. We finished getting ready and re-boarded in the city of Hilo.

There wasn’t much to-do at the port, so decided to walk to some nearby shops. This wasn’t the best idea, as the sun was beating down, and there was no shade to keep us cool. I flagged down a taxi, and we headed to Big Island candies. It’s a candy factory and store, where you can see them making candies and chocolates through a window. We got some milk chocolate covered red velvet brownies. They are delicious! Next we walked across the street to some small shops. We found a pet shop and got Zeke a hand made Hawaiian collar, which I’m sure he’ll love. We strolled around a bit more, then took the taxi back to the ship.

Once onboard we relaxed a bit and decided to checkout the ships video arcade. We played air hockey, motorcycle racing, car racing, a transformers shooting game, and then found guitar hero. We played a few games of guitar hero and feel in love with the game all over again. Then we headed to Charles bach’s magic show. He not only does magic, but also dancing and illusions. Magic shows always seem chessy to me, and this one definitely was, although all the magic was well done – I’m not sure how we pulled any of them off.

We then headed to dinner at East meets West, an Asian cuisine place on the ship. I just wanted sushi, so we sat at the sushi bar. Brittany doesn’t like sushi, but she knew I wanted to have some, so we went. I ordered 3 rolls and dug in, it was very well made and fresh. After some friendly conversation with the sushi chef, Brittany eventually tried a couple of different ones, but wasn’t a big fan. We called it a night and headed to bed.